man I'm neglecting my mastodon instance once again

come join my matrix-synapse server at

caint wait to pick up a launcher for this tomorrow or summat 🤠

hey everyone interact with me and everyone else

might as well post a screenshot of a Twitter post of a screenshot of a facebook post where I describe how I found out how sean connery died on mastodon!!!

wow I got a 3d printer. I haven't even finished making it yet and I need to take a nap but I'm gonna print stuff later.

can you imagine being a fly on the wall for this conversation? I would probably careen into a box fan, just end it all rather than listen to these goons talk lmao

throwback to the time a dude venmo'd me this for my emotional labor. worth far more to me than money.

it is so hard to get people on board alternative sites lmao. everyone complains about facebook and twitter but i make an element server and a mastodon instance and post about them incessantly and no one joins 😂 at least the element server is kinda taking off

Nazi getting shot 

I just love this shot, in both senses of the word

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